Free Paleo Hebrew Bible


The Original Hebrew Bible is a free, public domain, easy-to-read Bible with all 39 books of the Old Testament. Verses are presented in the Original Hebrew script, with an English transliteration and translation. 

Mobile and Tablet Users: 

We recommend viewing/downloading each book individually.

Desktop Computer Users: 

Scroll to the bottom of this page for the full Old Testament in a single PDF file, as well as a free Excel study version of the Original Hebrew Bible. The spreadsheet version contains extra features such as a KJV translation and Strong’s numbers.

Genesis (pdf)

Exodus (pdf)

Leviticus (pdf)

Numbers (pdf)

Deuteronomy (pdf)

Joshua (pdf)

Judges (pdf)

Ruth (pdf)

1 Samuel (pdf)

2 Samuel (pdf)

1 Kings (pdf)

2 Kings (pdf)

1 Chronicles (pdf)

2 Chronicles (pdf)

Ezra (pdf)

Nehemiah (pdf)

Esther (pdf)

Job (pdf)

Psalms (pdf)

Proverbs (pdf)

Ecclesiastes (pdf)

Song of Solomon (pdf)

Isaiah (pdf)

Jeremiah (pdf)

Lamentations (pdf)

Ezekiel (pdf)

Daniel (pdf)

Hosea (pdf)

Joel (pdf)

Amos (pdf)

Obadiah (pdf)

Jonah (pdf)

Micah (pdf)

Nahum (pdf)

Habakkuk (pdf)

Zephaniah (pdf)

Haggai (pdf)

Zechariah (pdf)


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Paleo Bible Files for Desktop Users

These are large files that work best on a desktop computer.

Original Hebrew Bible PDF
All Books of the Old Testament
(large pdf, ~30 MB)

Original Hebrew Fonts (Regular and Bold)
(.ttf files and instructions in a .zip file)
Keyed to the Hebrew Standard Keyboard

Original Hebrew Bible Spreadsheet 
(large xlsx, ~33MB)

Download and install the Original Hebrew font first. If you do not have the OH Font installed, it will display the Paleo Hebrew characters as Aramaic.