Paleo Hebrew Alphabet Series

In episodes of Original Hebrew, we discuss each letter of the Paleo Hebrew Alphabet, examine biblical Hebrew words, and talk about events from the Bible and ancient history. The series is ongoing, and new episodes will be added here as they are completed.

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1. Alef | Only the Strong Survive

An intro to language before the Tower of Babel, Ashurbanipal’s library, why “love” is a gift in Hebrew, and the urban legend of the bull.

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2. Bet | There’s No Place Like Home

The origin of the Hebrew letters, Ziggurats, and the first few words of Genesis.

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3. Gimmel | I’m Walking, Yes Indeed

The Kinsman Redeemer, Cain and Abel, cities of refuge, pride, and the meek who shall inherit the earth.

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4. Dalet | Knock Knock, Who’s There

Sea Peoples, the name Nimrod, and more.

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5. Hey | Lo and Behold

How Abram and Sarai became Abraham and Sarah, and other uses of the letter Hey in the Bible.

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6. Vav | The Tabernacle in the Wilderness

Israel in the wilderness, the tabernacle of YHVH, and how His Name shows that HE will make His home among us.

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7. Zayin | All that Glitters

Gold digging, the Refiner’s fire, olive trees, and how the Hebrew letter Zayin prepares the ground for seed.

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8. Chet | The End

The scattering of the Lost Tribes of Israel, how the Hebrew letter “chet” helps illustrate the meaning of mercy, and why letters in ancient inscriptions are often sideways.

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9. Tet | It’s All Tov

The Hebrew word for “trust,” the origins of ancient pottery, and why when HE created everything, HE said it was “good.”

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10. Yod | We’re in Good Hands

The famous writing on the wall, how the word “night” reminds us that GOD never sleeps, and YASHUA, the salvation of GOD.

Play Video about 11. Kaph - Paleo Hebrew Alphabet Series

11. Kaph | The Way

YHVH’s authorship of the Hebrew language, understanding The Way we walk, ancient pirates, and how paleo Hebrew turned into today’s ABCs.

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12. Lamed | The Good Shepherd

How Hebrew shows GOD is a shepherd, the new heart needed to follow HIS ways, and Original Hebrew finds its first paleo artifact… maybe.

Play Video about 13. Mem - Paleo Hebrew Alphabet Series

13. Mem | Into the Deep

A review of epic water events in the Bible, the Living Waters coming to the land of Israel, and the return of YASHUA HA MASHIACH.

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14. Nun | Snakes!

Misconceptions about the letter Nun, the Bronze Serpent in the Old and New Testaments, and North, South, East & West as YHVH sees it.

Play Video about 15. Samek - Paleo Hebrew Alphabet Series

15. Samek | Que Selah Selah

A paleo interpretation of the Hebrew word Selah, a battle over Hebrew pronunciation, 3.5 years in the wilderness at the end of days, and celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles in Millennium.

Play Video about 16. Ayin - Paleo Hebrew Alphabet Series

16. Ayin | Eden

Good vs. evil as GOD sees it, understanding the Feast of Trumpets (Yom Teruah), and one of His names in Hebrew.

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17. Peh | A Time to Speak

Every day uses for Hebrew letters and words, and a double-edged sword for Father’s sheep.

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18. Tsade | Always on Your Side

What it means to be righteous, living through a time of tribulation, and the City of Zion.

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19. Quph | Rise and Shine

Hosea’s third day prophecy, the redemption of Israel, how we are raised to life with YASHUA, and how one word in Paleo Hebrew says it all.

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20. Resh | In the Beginning

Reading Genesis 1:1 in Paleo Hebrew, and what it means to be blessed.

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21. Shin | Mighty to Save

THE ALMIGHTY’s power to destroy and His power to save.