Paleo Hebrew Alphabet Series

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11. Kaph | Paleo Hebrew Alphabet | Evidence YHVH invented Hebrew, Ancient Pirates, and more

YHVH’s authorship of the Hebrew language, understanding The Way we walk, ancient pirates, and how paleo Hebrew turned into today’s ABCs.



0:00 Joshua chapter 1, an intro to Kaph
1:06 Two hands in Hebrew
1:27 “Ha Derek” (The Way) and “Darak” (to tread)
2:23 Painful Kaph words
2:45 The Man of Sorrows
4:25 Kaph, the word
5:35 HE’s got you covered
6:40 Hand signals
7:19 Pirates can’t spell (how the ancient Hebrew alef-bet turned into today’s ABCs)
11:42 An ancient perspective on “Kathab” (Writing)
12:53 Word picture: “Yam” (Sea)
13:13 Word picture: “Lekh” (Walk/Go)
13:47 Word picture: Atonement
14:36 What the L
15:33 Song: “All Travelers”



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