How the Paleo Hebrew Alphabet Points to YASHUA our Messiah

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אAlefHE is the Chief Shepherd
בBetHE is the House of GOD
גGimmelHE is the lifter of my head
דDaletHE says “I AM the Door”
הHeyHE says “I AM the Life”
וVavHE is what joins us to our Father
זZayinHE is the harvester
חChetHE became sin for us
טTetHE put Himself in a container (body) for us
יYodHE is the Arm of יהוה
כKafNo one can take us from His hand
לLamedHE is the Good Shepherd
םMemWhoever believes in Him shall never thirst
ןNunAs Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness,
even so was HE lifted up so we could live
סSamekHE upholds us
עAyinHE has made the Father known
פPehHE is the Word of GOD
צTsadeHE is the One we wait for
קQufHE is the light of the world
רReshHE is the Head of the Church
שShinHE is the power of GOD
תTavOn Him GOD the Father has set His seal

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